The history of Domaine Serrigny begins with the installation of our great-grandfather in Savigny les Beaune at the end of the 19th century. The work was hard and difficult, as the fame of Burgundy wines did not extend beyond the borders of the neighbouring departments.

Through self-sacrifice and courage, our ancestors gradually developed the surface area of the estate, to pass on to our father a little over 3 hectares. Continuing to dig the paternal furrow, our father passed on to us an estate of more than 5 hectares when he died suddenly in 1995.

Passionate about our profession, we have taken up the challenge of perpetuating our estate by being present at all stages: vineyard, winery, cellar, tasting cellar.

Today, we have the honour of working about 7 hectares in no less than 10 appellations, from Bourgogne Aligoté to the prestigious Corton Charlemagne.

The Terroir

The notion of “Terroir” has its roots in the work of the monks, who discovered, identified and then developed the Terroirs. It took centuries of hard work for this concept, whose origins date back to the early Middle Ages, to cross time and be officially recognised with the creation of the I.N.A.O. and the appellations of origin.

The essence of the Terroir is above all the subsoil and the soil from which the vine draws its nutrients and composes the secret alchemy of colours, aromas and flavours.

If the nature of the soil is the key element of the Terroir, many other natural factors have an influence on the quality, typicity and expression of a wine: the exposure of the plot, its altitude, the depth and drainage of the soil, the climatic conditions of the year, the microclimate.

Lastly, the role of man is a determining factor in the production of a wine: in the vineyard according to the choice and application of cultivation methods, from pruning to harvesting, and in the cellar during the vinification and maturing of the wine.

Fancine & Marie-Laure

Marie – Laure, the eldest, after having learned theory at the Beaune wine school like many children of local winegrowers, arrived on the estate as an employee of her father in 1988 at the age of 18.
Indeed, from a very young age, she accompanied her grandfather to the vineyard where the latter taught her all the secrets of working the land (pruning, evasion, disbudding, ploughing, etc.).

It was not until 1995 that Francine joined her sister.

Before that, Francine had obtained a scientific baccalaureate at the Clos Maire high school in Beaune and then went on to study pharmacy.

However, the appeal of the Terroir being the strongest, Francine decided to change course and entered the Beaune Wine School in 1994 to learn the different lessons that every winegrower needs to manage his estate in the best possible way.

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Everything was precipitated by the sudden death of their father in 1995. Marie – Laure and Francine found themselves propelled to the head of the Domaine at the age of 25 and 23 respectively.

Inseparable for 17 years now, we find them both in the vines and in the cellar working with the same passion, the same high standards and always together.